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The purpose of this site is to let people with learning differences show off.We are under construction but we could use your help! If you have done any thing you are proud of put send me a picture or copy and I will put it on the Website. It could be a painting or sculpture or a poem or award. Below you can find some examples.

You can snail mail me at M Ryan 983 Spaulding SE Ada MI 49301 or email me at Mail@DyslexiaDx.com.

I Live Within My Dreams by Bridget

I live within my dreams
of a land where I can return
to a child that I once was,
full of innocence and humor,
I live within my dreams
where the twinkling nights stars
give bright comfort instead of
fear of eventual darkness.
And in my dreams I have no
fear of society's bounds, or my
own short comings, for my faults
and my gifts are equal in worth.
And sick jealous never takes
and gnaws at my heart for I am
free from the fear of love and of
the craving need of acceptance.
And in my dream, all are beautiful
under the God made sun, for we all
shine alike within ourselves.

Katie winning her College Conference Cross Country Meet

Bridget Receiving the Congressional Metal of Achievement

Kate's Print